“Kyle is an outstanding individual, both personally and professionally. He is one of those guys who makes a positive impression right from the start, and the more you get to know him, the more impressed you become. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kyle for any communications-related position, based on his multifaceted skill set.”

Kerry Ramsay,
Professor, Loyalist College

“As an artist and writer, my strength is not marketing. Kyle found ways to increase my visibility, in a non-aggressive and not too time consuming way. Kyle has an infectious energy and enthusiasm he brings to everything he does.”

Peggy Collins, Client
Children’s Author/Illustrator

“The student leaders did an outstanding job and were well chosen for
their position. Kyle MacKenzie went above and beyond the call, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.”

Peggy Voigt, Client
Loyal Blues Fellowship


Herbert Young Scholarship Recipient  – Presented for oustanding academic achievement and participation in college life during eight-month Post-Graduate Public Relations Program.

Kay Staib Memorial Scholarship  – Presented to the  student who has shown Academic excellence, spirit of scholarly inquiry and professional curiosity, leadership and initiative, extracurricular activities and contribution through the International Association of Business Communicators.


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  1. Lots of of guys blog about this issue but you said really true words!

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