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stillness is the move.


the beautiful Audrey Alexis

I had the honour of shooting Audrey Alexis last week as we strolled through High Park. This girl is beautiful, naturally.

Makeup by Maya Adivi. Shot with a Nikon D90, 18-55mm.

acorns, mushrooms and a mill street tankhouse

get outside

betty and earl

This video was made with recyclable and reusable materials.
From Acorn Integrated.

driven by nature.


Photo © Corey Lablans

Photo © Corey Lablans

Everything I do stems from the roots of the earth.

For me, it is a  source of inspiration, adventure and peace.

The way the rain falls to feed the trees and plants mirrors the way I feed off of nature itself.  If there was no wilderness, wildlife or escape from the consumerist society in which we live, I would wither away the same way a tree would without water. It is something I need in my life, and I suggest you take the time to enjoy it as well.

Go on a hike.  Try camping.  Paddle a canoe down a river. There are certain moments, like when all is quiet and the sun peeks above the trees as mist floats off a still river, that moment, is when I can feel true serenity.

Have you ever experienced it?

Earth Wind Frisbee

I am confident to say that Ultimate Frisbee is one the top green sports in the world.  No energy-hungry arena/stadium needed, just a grass field.  No high-priced equipment necessary, just a pair of cleats.  No pigskin or cowhide needed, just a plastic disc.  Not even referees are needed, just the spirit to play together as friends, not enemies.  The ultimate sport: Ultimate Frisbee.

The Durham Ultimate Club (DUC) is where I play ultimate, located 45 minutes east of Toronto.  This year, the league coordinator has asked players to design the 2009 DUC disc.  I have decided to redesign and rebrand the way we look at ultimate Frisbee.  Here are my ideas… Earth Wind Frisbee.