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The Harmony Collective – Wagon Wheel (c/o Old Crow Medicine Show c/o Bob Dylan)


the harmony collective – monkey fingers/gentle robber

child actor needed THIS WEEKEND

Contact me if you know anyone available. Email kylepaulmackenzieATgmailDOTcomnature-tower

Ladies and gentleman, I am looking to produce a movie.

Environmental theme, 2 minutes long, shot in Toronto.

I need: A young male actor around 5 years old, not a very demanding role to fill (no speaking lines).

The proposed script lies below. No title. Yet.


©Kyle MacKenzie 2010



ESTABLISHING – Shot of cityscape/urban bustle. An angry man yells at a passerby, a cell phones rings and a police car’s alarm screams as it drives by.

INT. CLASSROOM – RAIN, a boy around the age of 7, looks out of a barred classroom window to a single tree growing out of the sidewalk. A bell rings.

EXT. CITY – Rain walks along a crowded urban sidewalk trying not to get trampled. He is alone. He finds a branch with one leaf on it.  Disconcerted, he sits on an abandoned stoop and watches the people as they pass by.

He walks and drags the branch along a chain-linked fence leading to his home. He looks up to see his mom and dad packing the car with blankets, basket, etc.


Rain sits in the back looking out the window as the car rolls along a highway. They exit the highway after seeing a sign that says 427 North.

The car rolls along country roads.

They park. Rain gets out and checks his surroundings.

Music builds. CUE COLOUR.

Fields, forest and the biggest blue sky Rain has ever seen.

Over a sunlit hilltop, Rain’s head pops up as he runs toward the camera from a distance.  As he gets closer, a smile is seen on his face. He flies past the camera.

Various shots of Rain enjoying the freedom of the wild, kneeling in the long grass looking at a grasshopper, jumping into a stream, chasing fish. With arms high to the sky, Rain appears to praise his surroundings.  Fade to black.

CAPTION: Kids need nature. Let them experience it.



Contact me if you know anyone available. Email kylepaulmackenzieATgmailDOTcom

♫ soundtrack of my life ♫

I noticed something today. With the rise of personal music devices, people are walking to customized soundtracks to their lives.  30 years ago this wasn’t the case, simply because strapping a 20 pound record player to your hip was out of the question.

Think about it.   Many of us walk, bike,  ride public transit and wait in lines with headphones in our ears.  Out of these little speakers comes the music that, for the most part, embodies who we are. The sounds that enhance the atmosphere that is surrounding us.

Over the years the soundtrack will change, but songs will be repeated, resurfaced and rediscovered. Those songs are the ones that make the soundtrack.

These 10 tracks are the audio clips laid out on the narrow strip of film that is the soundtrack of my life.

People Turn Around – Delta Spirit: What story is yet to be told? “The song that needs singin, has already been sung before.”

Mama’s Eyes – Justin Townes Earle: Stripped down folk music at its finest. “Sure it hurts, but it should hurt sometimes.”

Tentative – System of a Down: Plain and simple, “We’re going down, in a spiral to the ground, no one, no ones gonna save us now.”

Twilight – Elliott Smith: “Haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. Better stop now before I start cryin’.”

Family System – Chevelle: Dirtiest metal riff I have ever heard. “What a man’s got, he’ll learn to hate.”

No One’s Aware – Jack Savoretti: “Being alone doesn’t mean that you’re free, so come with me.”

Old Man – Neil Young: Success is only a title. “Doesn’t mean that much to me to mean that much to you.”

You Never Even Called Me By My Name – David Allan Coe: Those who know this one, just know. “You never even called me by my name.”

Glory Bound – Martin Sexton: “I’m taking a chance on the wind, I’m packin’ up all my bags.”

Good People – Kyle MacKenzie: You know who you are. “You, my friends, are good people.”

What’s your soundtrack? I would love to hear it…

to love somebody – ray lamontagne and damien rice

Troubadour: folk singer: a singer of folk songs 

Ray Lamontagne: Delicate. Intense.  A troubadour.

Here he is with Damien Rice

To Love Somebody 

ray lamontagne

This man is in it for the music. It is in his heart.  It is his passion.

189162509_d1f2bc0bee_b“I was playing a festival in New England, and somebody heard the music, and they sent it to somebody who sent it to somebody, you know, one thing led to another and a year and a half later or so I had a record. I haven’t listened to it since it was made, but I was proud of it at the time so I will remain proud of it.

The music industry becomes interested in you because you do your own thing, and then as soon as they get involved you have to fight to do your own thing. It’s just full of people tugging at ya in every other direction, everybody’s got their hands in things,  and it becomes a battle to express yourself, you know, the way you do normally, the way that comes naturally to you.

You know it comes down to, you know, records have to be sold somehow, and that’s what labels do. They don’t make music, that’s up to the artist to do.“  

Ray LaMontagne, Singer/Songwriter

you should learn guitar.


$60 is more than enough to buy your first guitar, visit your local pawn shop. I bought a $60 G & K, a jet black acoustic, three years ago and I haven’t looked back since.  I was a strapped University student at the time, but it was definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made. My friends around the campfire will agree.

I focused on the main chords, E A D G C and played songs like Neil Young’s Keep on Rockin’ In the free world, Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison and Sublime’s What I got.  Great starter songs.

Not sure what a chord is? Google it, you’ll find it.

Once you start you won’t be able to turn back, you just need patience for the first couple weeks. Before you know it you will be sittin’ on a log by the campfire leading a hearty rendition of Mr. Bob Dylan’s Forever Young, which is exactly the way you will feel when you’re jammin’ on the guitar.

Music is the language of the earth, and it’s time for you to join the conversation.