I am not looking to change the world, but I am looking to make a difference.

I was most recently Communications Coordinator and Social Media Strategist with Earth Day Canada.

I make movies, take pictures, and think outside the box.

I like social media, writing, and graphic design.

I use these tools to communicate the importance of protecting the earth.

I have a Post-Grad Public Relations Certificate from Loyalist College.

I graduated from the University of New Brunswick in April 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and a Fine Arts Minor in Theatre. I studied film as well.

I like the outdoors, therefore I will work to protect the outdoors.

I hike, bike, camp, canoe, climb, play ultimate frisbee and rock the acoustic guitar around as many campfires as I can.

I am Kyle MacKenzie. Nice to meet you.

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One response to “.kyle.

  1. Hey Kyle, Bruce here from Arbopals. I like the January 2008 entry. Have you thought about putting this into a short photo/book with some diary entries that we might put up on Arbopals as a kind of journal entry? Just a thought.

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