want it but don’t want to buy it? why not make it?

I had a friend over the other night and we got into a friendly debate over who was better with words. I, of course, used my English Degree to back my stance and she credited herself as a wordsmith from the hundreds of books read growing up. Both valid arguments, but we needed something to settle the score once and for all. So, we decided to let Scrabble act as mediator to the quarrel. The only problem was that I didn’t own the game. I did, however, have a few pieces of cardboard lying around and thought it wouldn’t be too difficult to make our very own cardboard version of the famous word game.

Out came the cardboard, scissors and markers and we were off. We marked out a 15×15 grid, cut out 100 little squares for the tiles, wrote the letters and points on the tiles and marked the double and triple word and letter scores. We even made little holders to shield our tiles from each other’s eyes.

A half hour later we kicked off an epic battle of words. Five minutes into the game we seemed to forget that we were playing on something that was once deemed just a few sheets of cardboard. So now I own a Scrabble game, and it was free!

This sort of mindset can go far beyond a simple game of Scrabble if only you allow it. It all comes down to what we choose to consume, and whether or not it is necessary. What other classic games could be reproduced with materials you have lying around the house? What else can you upcycle around the house?

Oh, and for the record, she won, by a meagre 11 points.


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