child actor needed THIS WEEKEND

Contact me if you know anyone available. Email kylepaulmackenzieATgmailDOTcomnature-tower

Ladies and gentleman, I am looking to produce a movie.

Environmental theme, 2 minutes long, shot in Toronto.

I need: A young male actor around 5 years old, not a very demanding role to fill (no speaking lines).

The proposed script lies below. No title. Yet.


©Kyle MacKenzie 2010



ESTABLISHING – Shot of cityscape/urban bustle. An angry man yells at a passerby, a cell phones rings and a police car’s alarm screams as it drives by.

INT. CLASSROOM – RAIN, a boy around the age of 7, looks out of a barred classroom window to a single tree growing out of the sidewalk. A bell rings.

EXT. CITY – Rain walks along a crowded urban sidewalk trying not to get trampled. He is alone. He finds a branch with one leaf on it.  Disconcerted, he sits on an abandoned stoop and watches the people as they pass by.

He walks and drags the branch along a chain-linked fence leading to his home. He looks up to see his mom and dad packing the car with blankets, basket, etc.


Rain sits in the back looking out the window as the car rolls along a highway. They exit the highway after seeing a sign that says 427 North.

The car rolls along country roads.

They park. Rain gets out and checks his surroundings.

Music builds. CUE COLOUR.

Fields, forest and the biggest blue sky Rain has ever seen.

Over a sunlit hilltop, Rain’s head pops up as he runs toward the camera from a distance.  As he gets closer, a smile is seen on his face. He flies past the camera.

Various shots of Rain enjoying the freedom of the wild, kneeling in the long grass looking at a grasshopper, jumping into a stream, chasing fish. With arms high to the sky, Rain appears to praise his surroundings.  Fade to black.

CAPTION: Kids need nature. Let them experience it.



Contact me if you know anyone available. Email kylepaulmackenzieATgmailDOTcom


One response to “child actor needed THIS WEEKEND

  1. Hey K-Mac … I can hardly wait , sounds & looks great … u go Bro !!!

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