ray lamontagne

This man is in it for the music. It is in his heart.  It is his passion.

189162509_d1f2bc0bee_b“I was playing a festival in New England, and somebody heard the music, and they sent it to somebody who sent it to somebody, you know, one thing led to another and a year and a half later or so I had a record. I haven’t listened to it since it was made, but I was proud of it at the time so I will remain proud of it.

The music industry becomes interested in you because you do your own thing, and then as soon as they get involved you have to fight to do your own thing. It’s just full of people tugging at ya in every other direction, everybody’s got their hands in things,  and it becomes a battle to express yourself, you know, the way you do normally, the way that comes naturally to you.

You know it comes down to, you know, records have to be sold somehow, and that’s what labels do. They don’t make music, that’s up to the artist to do.“  

Ray LaMontagne, Singer/Songwriter


2 responses to “ray lamontagne

  1. Love, love, love him! He certainly makes the music…

  2. Thanks for introducing him to me. I am hooked, he is fantastic!

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