my kind of protest.

contented protester

*Comic 'The End is not For a While' courtesy of xkcd

If I ever participate in a protest, I will most definitely go into it with this sort of attitude.

I mean, I understand how some people are incredibly passionate about certain issues, but sometimes they need to take it down a notch, look at what they have available to them and realize that things are, in fact, pretty ok, and that a little scrabble isn’t a bad idea.


One response to “my kind of protest.

  1. I always felt that way. I remember my first (and only…for now anyway) Women’s Day March, they were so angst-ridden and shout-y; it baffled me. Now, I’m a proud Feminist but from what I’ve noticed, yelling gets you a few moments of attention, followed by rolling eyes and then people eventually leaving. Now, a calm yet steady voice always keeps people interested…in my humble opinion.

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