fairies need pyjamas too.


I recently did a photo shoot for The Fairies Pyjamas, a fair trade fashion line in Toronto. Michelle Lynn Johnson, or Fairy Michelle, works with a fair trade manufacturing facility in Nepal to produce her unique and intriguing designs and ideas.

Outside of her two stores (Kensington Market and Black Market Clothing), Michelle attends many Canadian festivals to introduce people to the world of The Fairies Pyjamas. People tend to like what they see.  This summer she attended the Come Together Music Festival, The Ottawa Folk Festival, Shambala and more.

garden-faireyFive years ago Michelle started her adventure making jewelry out of recycled metals. Now she hosts a broad line of products from clothing to jewelry, accessories to hula hoops.

Simply stated, Michelle is just looking for people to be fair, be unique and to be comfortable. Put on anything from The Fairies Pyjamas and you will be just that.

For more information, feel free to contact me or check out the Fairies Pyjamas website.



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