mountain equipment coop and ethical sourcing

Sweatshops, child labour and corporate abuse, we are aware of it all. Sad thing is, we are all guilty of purchasing products from companies that employ these brutal production techniques. It needs to stop! But how?

Thankfully, there is a company out there that is passionate about ensuring products are made ethically. Hopefully more follow suit in the near future…

Central America. Decked out in gear from MEC.

Central America. Decked out in gear from MEC.

Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC), Canada’s leading outdoor equipment coop, is one of the only companies recognized for Ethical Sourcing.  How do I know this? Search “Ethical Sourcing” on google and see for yourself.  MEC has taken the lead in fairly made products, be it in Canada or elsewhere.  Ethical Sourcing is, as MEC puts it, is  “about the people who work in factories and who make just about everything you and I buy. It’s about workers who do the same task over and over for long hours and low pay.”  MEC ensures that all products made overseas are made by workers who are treated, paid and employed fairly.

The fight against the use of sweatshops, child labour and corporate abuse has begun. and we can only hope that more companies will follow Mountain Equipment Coop’s belief that business can advance human rights in the way products are made.


One response to “mountain equipment coop and ethical sourcing

  1. MEC – Ethical Resourcing? Is this some kind of joke?

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