What will it be like in 2505?

I watched Mike Judge’s Idiocracy recently and it got me thinking. Where are we headed, and what will it be like? And, how will we communicate?

The English language has been changing steadily over the last 100 years, there is no denying that. Changing in a good way? Not so much. Who or what is there to blame?

The following is an exerpt from a letter* written in 1900:

Monday Dec 31st 1900.

Dear Henry

Your letter & Photograph reached me Saturday night for which I am much obliged — the Photograph is a good likeness, the eyes are especially good, so life like and I can see the eyelashes, which is not common in a picture — the face is fuller than when I saw you last…

Let’s note that this letter had to then be mailed to Henry, which may have taken weeks, or months, to arrive.

Now lets look at a similar situation in 2009.

The following messages were sent instantly:

yo baby i got a sweet pic of me n u. – i wanna see it send it. – aiight what are you sayin? – notin. – coo. wanna hook it up later? – yeaaa! call me.

And that is 100 years difference.

You see digression, or progression? The latter is effective, but it is definitely lacking something. Beauty. Sentiment. Passion. It’s not there. And language needs those three things to survive.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still people in this world that can write and communicate beautifully, but they are unfortunately being replaced by those who contribute to the bastardization of the english language. I am likely guilty of it myself.

I am interested in hearing what other people think.

Check out Idiocracy, and let me know your thoughts.

*Letter from Henrietta Fawcett Gauss (Via Rootsweb.com)


One response to “2505

  1. Well said Bro…well said!

    People must watch this movie. We need the smack in the face to prevent becoming like that.

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