an excerpt.

The following excerpt is from the journal I wrote backpacking Central America in 2008.

Feb. 5, 2008:

David, Panama – We leave the Purple House Hostel and head to the bus station at 7 a.m. We have decided to split up and explore on our own for a couple weeks.  Josh will head south to Panama City and I will head north back into Costa Rica.  “Good luck out there Kyle”, “make good decisions Josh,” and we split.

The bus to San Jose, Costa Rica leaves at 8:30.  I arrive at the border an hour later, and wait in line to get my passport stamped.  It was busy. I wait in line for three hours. Back on the bus for another seven hours and I arrive in San Jose.

Three days spent relaxing in San Jose at Costa Rica Backpackers.

I discover a volunteer organization, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWHOOF).  They connect willing workers to local farms.  I search through a list of potential farms in Costa Rica looking for help.  Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary in Cabuya at the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula catches my eye.

Five hour bus ride and I am there.  I plan on staying for a week.

After a three hour hike south of Montezuma I arrive in Cabuya at the Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary. I walk through a lush, green entrance and arrive at a little house owned by Mother Nature herself, Mary Gomez. On her shoulder sits my new best friend, anty, a five-month old anteater.

My lodgings are in the middle of the jungle, a kilometer hike from the sanctuary, in a two story shelter with no walls.  Amazing.  Imagine the sounds I am listening to right now.


Feb. 28, 2008

So, I am going to stay for a month. I have not written anything in two weeks, mainly because I have fallen into a glorious routine here at Rainsong.  I awake every morning at seven to the sounds of howler monkeys roaring in the trees.

By eight I make my way to the house to feed the animals. I am now lead-hand, meaning I have to designate tasks between eight volunteers. I don’t mind at all. Besides, I get all the good jobs this way.

  • Give the anteater a bottle and take it out to hunt ants
  • Take cut up fruit to tarzan, the one-armed monkey and chill with him for a while
  • Take bird seed to the bird santuary
  • Release the pisote back into the wild
  • Hit the hammock with a book and keep the guitar nearby

Oh yeah, Lily arrived a week ago. She is a pleasant young lady from England. She will be attending Oxford in the fall to study Biology.  Lily wrote the most beautiful song for me that I have ever heard.

Maybe I will include it in another post.

Here’s the Video.


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