soup’s on, lights off.

noirThis is a picture of me at O.Noir last week.  In case you are about to adjust your screen wondering why you can’t see anything, well, you can’t see anything. And neither could I.

There we sat in the dark straining to see the walls and what was on the table right in front of us, but it was no use. Pitch black is pitch black, we were down to 4 of 5 senses. So, we listened, smelled, tasted and touched to discover all that surrounded us.

Our legally blind waiter, Gavin, was happy to share the stories of his past and how he ended up working at O.Noir.  He made us feel very comfortable and ensured that we could put our trust in him, and we did.

I ordered the surprise for an appetizer, meaning I would have to guess what I was eating by taste, smell and feel.  I honestly had no clue, though I knew it was some sort of seafood paired with some spinach, or some other leafy substance. Either way, it was delicious.

Next was Fillet-Mignon paired with veggies and potatoes. I think.  I noticed that when you lose your sight, the next go to sense is touch. My fingers acted as my eyeballs as I felt my way around the plate.  Amazing.

The feast came to an end with a little chocolate mousse, and as we sat in the darkness talking to Gavin, we didn’t want to leave. A new appreciation for those without sight, we took some time to appreciate the little things in life.

Our time was up, however, so we lined up like a train with hands on the shoulders in front of us and were led back into the light.  When I got to the bathroom, sure enough half the chocolate mousse was all over my face, the other half on my shirt.

Make your reservation at O.Noir today, it is one experience you won’t want to miss.


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